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I have a window swamp cooler that won't turn on is it the switch? Answered

The cooler won't turn on can I buy a replacement


Yes it's the switch, have it replaced.


Is it plugged into a live outlet?

That reminds me of the rumored help desk script:

"OK, here's what we're going to do. Turn off the machine. Unplug it from the wall. Clean the plug's contacts with a pencil eraser. Plug it back in. Turn it on. Does it work now?"

This is supposedly the face-saving version of "did you plug it in and turn it on". The patient can say "yes, that helped" while maintaining the comfortable illusion that the help desk doesn't know they missed something this obvious.

And who knows, maybe once in a million times the socket is loose or corroded and unplugging/replugging actually is enough to make things work. Though in that case I'd strongly recommend replacing the socket.

1) Impossible to answer without tracing voltage though the unit. The switch -- or the circuit breaker or fuse you're getting power from in the first place -- is where I'd start but it's only a start. Could be a loose connection elsewhere. Could be a blown fuse or breaker in the cooler itself. Could be ...

Diagnosis first. Then treatment.

2) One you find the bad component, whatever it is, you can almost certainly buy a replacement.