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I have an A-C adapter with adjustable voltage.. Answered

It can put out several different D-C voltages. It only puts out 2.1 amps. Does anyone know how to increase the amperage output?


Increasing the amp output of a AC adapter can be very dangerous because they are only rated for specific max outputs. Attempting to increase the amp output by drawing more than the rated max could result in a melted AC adapter and possibly a fire. Damage could also be done to your AC wiring.

There's no easy way to do that. Basically, the more current you draw, the more heat is generated in the PSU and if you try to exceed the maximum things are going to start cooking. If it's a switch-mode supply you could improve the heatsinking inside, but there's high voltage in there (higher than normal mains) and you're still likely to burn something out. If it's a linear supply (normal transformer type) then there will be a small component strapped to the coils (or inside them) which is the thermal cutout. This will switch off until things cool down. Remove this and the winding will eventually burn out.