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I have an Airsoft m3000 shotgun but i need a sight so I'm wondering if a Tasco 4x20 scope will fit on the guns rail? Answered

i have an Airsoft smith and Wesson m3000 shotgun (355 fps) and need a sight for wars but will the scope fit on the shotguns rail? there is a pic of the gun if you click on the other picture at the bottom


i bought the scope and it worked perfectly thanx everybody


7 years ago

It should easily fit on, although I think that a red dot might be better. I would also recommend getting a reflex sight instead of the other scope because it is more for a sniper and the shotgun would not have the range to make the scope accurate. Hope that helped and good luck

I don't know why it wouldn't. If you already have the scope, try putting it on. I wouldn't use a scope for a shotgun though. Try a red dot if you have one.