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I have an Olympus FE 220 7.1 MG Pix that is frozen & not responding can you help??? Answered

I have an Olympus FE 220 7.1 Pix that has not been exposed to ANY damaging elements but now the camera is not working??? The lens is frozen & it will not respond to ANY commands (power,downloading,lcd etc...) I of course do not feel it is worth the $$$ to have it repaired so I thought I might TRY to do it myself (IF I can.) Any advice? Be Nice.


Take it apart and make sure there is no sand or dirt in the lens. It easy.

Thanks for the advice! I think your response rocks all the other ones out of the water.

if you get it fixed, can we look at the photos, just to see if your a good photographer, hehe

See,this is why I Have 2 fix it or chalk it up as the Gods teaching me a lesson...

Call the manufacturer's technical support and get them to go through a troubleshooting process with you. But first... remove the battery. Wait one full minute. Replace the battery and try to turn it on.

I have called the tech support & they want 2 have me send it to them to get fixed. Problem is that I have explicit pics on my camera from my recent vaca w/husband that I do NOT want in the hands of a techie. So, I wanted 2 TRY to fix it myself.

I did e-mail Olympus & they just want me 2 send it 2 them & pay them 2 fix it.(I will TRY to find the tech support #)I have already tried the battery thing & still no response. Thanks 4 the advice ;)

Does it show any signs of being powered-up? If there's no sign of 'life' what checks have you made on the batteries? L

Sorry I 4got 2 add tht I hve recharged & replaced the battery & STILL it :P @ me

Charger is working great! I actually just spoke 2 the tech support & they say send it in :( Thanks 4 trying 2 help me I REALLY appreciate ur efforts.

It appears it TRIES to power but is not able. Thanks for trying to help me.