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I have an endless supply of 1ml vaccine bottles. They just end up in the trash. Any creative ideas to put them to use? Answered

These have a metal lid, with rubber in the center where the needle goes in to draw the liquid vaccination out. It just seems a shame to throw so many cool little bottles away, but they're not recyclable.


I would be interested in taking these off anyone's hands to use for crafts. I didn't even think about asking my vet for theirs but now I'm going to.

My email is jaded.death@gmail.com. Shoot me an email and we can figure out how you can Send them to me.

I make crafts for swapmeet, and i could use them for my fragrence oils

i can use them so bad. What you need from me ??? Are they clear or colored??? Joe_w_pierce@yahoo.com is my e-mail.. hope to hear from you soon.. disabled here. So be nice...

hi i too have a supply of these 1ml bottles(about 75) and i'm looking for ways in which they can be put to better use rather than throwing them away.

The glass bottles are used to contain vaccines containing killed typhoid bacilli, they are washed and heat treated, and do not pose a medical hazard at all.

if anyone wans them do reply to me. postage costs borne by request. thanks.

I use similar bottles for clay projects. I get them from my vets office. She is careful what she gives me. I take them home and clean them up. I decorate them with polymer clay and donate them for bottles of hope. I put my own spin on it and donate some back to the vet for people who loose their pets. Vet and staff love it. Make great keep sake bottles for babies first tooth or a lock of hair. Stores easily and keeps them secure.

I need them for a photography project! Could I arrange to have them sent here? Of course we'll pay for shipping.

If these are vaccines for humans I really don't know if you should be doing anything with them. But if they are animal vaccines there is not really much zoonotic potential. The metal bands and rubber stoppers can be removed with a pliers or wire cutters. You can then wash the bottles and stoppers in hot water and disinfectant and rinse. Wear protective gloves. If you have access to an autoclave you could also sterilize them to kill anything that might remain. Don't leave the stoppers in when autoclaving. By the way, if the vaccines come with a plain sterile water diluent then just keep those bottles and there would be no need to worry about any biohazard.

They are for animals. And wouldn't you know, the diluent bottles are ugly and plastic! Thanx for all the advice!

They'd make nice cure markers for Pandemic, the board game. You can learn more about this new cooperative board game at Board Game Geek ( http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/30549 ). Each game would need 4 bottles. I think you can even list them on Board Game Geek's marketplace.

I'm sure lots of gamers would love to get their hands on some. I'm one of them. :-)

If these turn out to NOT be hazardous waste, I'll gladly send you some for free, Mr McDuff. : )

If they aren't then I could use some of them too if that is ok although I will be moving soon but I could send you an address if this is ok I was going to use an idea suggested earlier and put leds in them except the battery and led would be inside of it possibly with magnets in the bottom so they could stick to say a fridge PM me if it is ok.

It would, indeed, be a shame for these useful little bottles to go to waste when they can be decorated with polymer clay and donated to a wonderful organization called Bottles Of Hope.


I myself have been trying to find a supplier of these types of bottles in an effort to up-cycle before buying new - with the added benefit being that any I can get for free means more money to put toward the polymer clay, beads, pretty papers and so on...

So, even if polymer clay isn't among your own personal artistic interests, please consider looking into Bottles Of Hope!

sand the bottles to get a "frosted" look, then stick an LED in it, put a lot of them on a single wire and you would have AWESOME ambient lighting

Use them to organize electronic components.

You could send some to me! I hav a gud idea! Just PM me if its okay! Thnx


9 years ago

Fill with gemstones (in the 7 chakra colors) and make a wooden standard for display in which you put the bottles upside down. :)

I bet you could use the little jars like mosaic pieces, set in concrete. Set them up in an even grid slightly and evenly apart from each other, maybe in a hexagonal grid. Put the bottoms down on a thin layer of wax or plastecine to hold them in place and keep them clean, then pour some concrete on top and between and let it set. When hard, lift it up for a pebbly surface. You could make a bunch of tiles like that and do up a bathroom wall! Maybe the concrete could be just between the bottles, not on top, and that way you would get a translucent grid. You could use this as a panel in a wall, or as a floor tile with some lights underneath it! I think the rubber bit could be removed without too much trouble because the metal that holds it in place is actually quite thin - just peel it off with pliars. That way you'd end up with a bunch of little glass bottles AND a bunch of little rubber caps! What to do with those...?

Hi ! i'm just new to instructable and this my first time to answer a question. the idea that popped into my head was for you to make some sort of a "pixel"-ized art. 1. have a "pixel"-ized image or a mosaic or a cross stitch pattern. 2. Arrange the vaccine in a grid-like manner. 3. Fill the vaccines with the corresponding colors. 4. I hope you like my suggestion here's a sample image i made using mspaint to illustrate my example.


I suspect that if you put up an ad on Craig's List or Freecycle, those bottles would disappear overnight.

They do sound like wonderful inspiration for a number of projects. I would use them as tiny seed starters, perhaps for Impatiens or violets.

you would have to break the glass to get the metal/rubber off first, it wouldnt want to grow through that...

board game pieces, for example chess (colors signify different pieces) or what not... bodies for robots.... Thats about all i can think of.

Y'all are so creative! I'm going to check with the doctor today and see if these would be hazardous medical waste. That was good health and safety thinking, NachoMama!

How about making a Cartesian Diver Barometer? With enough bottles filled with slightly different air amounts, and perhaps even labelled, you could have a really novel barometer. And adjusting the bouyancy of each diver will be easy using a syringe.

. Necklaces/earrings with live brine shrimp/cactus/cabomba/&c.; . The vials may be considered hazardous medical waste, especially if they contained live vaccine.

Get a really big jar (like a large mason jar) and fill it with the little bottles (no lids, labels cleaned off), and mix in a few LEDs to make a distinctive lamp. (Don't forget to publish an ible)

Similarly, you could put one bottle per LED on a string of lights, perhaps. Not sure if the LED would just poke through the rubber.