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I have an idea. Can someone help me with it? Answered

I thought about this cool idea. It's an aquarium with a large base at the bottom. In the bottom there is a propane tank that lets propane out into the water. Then I light the top of the water on fire, which is actually the propane coming out of the bottom of the aquarium. Note  that there aren't any fish in the water. Let me know if it can work. Also, if there is more info needed please let me know.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Is there a PURPOSE to your idea? Be very carefull even if you are an adult because things can go wrong that you didn't even think of. Here's a personal example of what i mean: I once got a great idea of spraying some canned styrofoam around my gas-water-heater. I wanted to increase the insulation value of the tank. It DIDN'T OCCUR TO ME that the FUMES of the styrofoam spray was flamable!! and I DIDN'T THINK OF of the PILOT LIGHT inside the water heater. After a couple minutes of spraying suddenly a FIREBALL shot up all around me! It burnt all the hairs off my right arm... and scared the heck out of me. ..and then the flame started spreading. Luckily i had a small fire-extinguisher upstairs. The extinguisher only had about 7-seconds of "spray" in it and it just barely did the job. i NEVER KNEW fire extinguishers would only spray for a few seconds and then they are EMPTY!! Thank God i didn't get burnt... and my house didn't burn down.... Soooo... If you decide to go ahead with the idea, be sure to take every precaution. Do the experiment outside. Do it on a SMALL scale not a big scale. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby... etc etc.

you know, I love life and being burned is not on my schedule, thanks for the info, project is dropped.

Good advice. I'm a pyrophile (not pyromaniac; I like playing with fire on occasion but feel no need to do so unless there's a good reason or a particularly interesting idea), and I've learned that when doing something with or near an ignition source you ALWAYS do so under controlled circumstances, preferably in a fireproof environment, and with a way to quickly extinguish it if necessary.

But if he (I assume) insists on trying something like this, alcohol strikes me as safer than propane and safer than most other liquid fuels.

As far as the original idea is concerned, there's the "bubbling fire" Instructable... but I would ONLY do that outdoors and with some elbow room.

Why not just fill the aquarium with alcohol and light the top of that?

For your approach, I'd worry about keeping the silly thing lit and what happens if it goes out and you're putting out unburned propane....

Don't be silly - alcohol burns with a near-colourless flame.

Depends on the lighting conditions, but I grant your point.

Yurp - I'd feed the propane through a bubble-stone and add washing up liquid to the water. If it went out, the propane would be largely trapped within the growing froth, which could be scooped off and disposed of safely outdoors.

true that, but the aquarium should be completley filled with alcohol, thanks for your help!

the glass should be fireproof :D