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I have an old surfboard... What kind of crafts could I make from it? Answered

Acquired it a while back, I don't actually surf so it's not useful in that aspect. 

I could make some cool shelves from it, but I'm trying to think of some other ideas.


you could make tons of things. I saw a cool piece of art at a coffey bean in hunington beach california where they cut up several surfboards and attatched them to the wall and made a really cool looking 3d piece of art

You could make a bench out of it, an ironing board, a table, or a desk by cutting it into thirds and somehow hot gluing it together.

It depends on what you need. If you need shelves, then go with shelves. If you need a desk or a table, then go with that. Other ideas are a coat rack, headboard for bed, a bench, paint it (if needed) and hang like wall art, make it a bulletin board (add clear mail cubbies, paint with chalkboard paint, add cork, hooks etc), or even hang it from your ceiling with some built in lights and you have some ultra cool lighting... :-) (The possibilities are endless. You could send it to me! I'd find many uses for it). :-P

coat rack, black board, sign,mail box, have a look at http://1000surfboardgraveyard.blogspot.com.au/p/re-rip.html