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I have my XBOX live and i forget the parental code,what i should do? Answered

Hello Everybody

My name is jadoo and i have a XBOX live,so i have put a parental on it, so now i forget the code parental,i'd like someone help how to enter in the parental Code. Thanks

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orksecurity (author)2010-02-25

Contact the manufacturer. There's undoubtedly a way to wipe the code out so you can install a new one.

Of course, if the code changes unexpectedly then parents know the kids have been tampering.

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jadoo (author)orksecurity2010-02-27

ok Thank's
I have another question for you my man,can you tell me how to softmod my Xbox. the real question it's how to create the boot Cd? so man i begin it but i can't finish it, i'd like  you help nd tell it to your friends.


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