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I have nothing fun to do...can you help? Answered

Hi. I'm 11 and I'm creative. Even though I'm creative i can't think of anything fun to do by myself or with my mom / dad. It can't cost over $30 either. Can you help me? Please?



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How about doing some reading? Read a book together with your parents or listen to an audiobook. Discuss them and ponder the stories and how you feel about what the author has written.
You can download eBooks and audiobooks for free here:


Some of my favorite authors are Mark Twain, Jack London,  Edgar Alan Poe, Walt Whitman ( a poet), Lewis Carrol, L. Frank Baum, H.G. Wells, Charles Dickens, Robert Louis Stevenson, Hans Christian Andersen and Jonathan Swift.
One of my favorite books when I was your age is Jack London's "White Fang"
I have read that particular book numerous times over the years.

Yeah, I loved that one also. i was ticking them off from memory and forgot about David Wyss and Jules Verne, too. 

play with lego.if you dont have any, your parenets didn't love you.cant think of onything to build? i have ibles on on howt make a lego gun of some sort. if i dont have any ibles that you want send me som ideas. im running really low on ideas.hope that helps. :)

It is a lot of fun satisfying your own wants and needs... but eventually even this can get boring.  Put some of your effort into helping someone else accomplish one of THEIR dreams.  Maybe your mom dreams of a day off just to watch TV and play videogames... so volunteer to do some of her chores so she can have a break.  Or maybe your dad is tired after a long day at work. Volunteer to mow the lawn for him so he can take it easy one day.  Etc etc.. maybe your brother or sister could use some help with something.
I know it SOUNDS ANTI-FUN... but it isnt.  Give it a try, you might find it is fun helping others sometimes.

If you can't think of anything to do, with all of Instructables to look at (and the whole web to look at, and the whole world to look at)... then no, I don't think I can help.

Pick something that looks neat and affordable and do it. Only you know what "looks neat" to you.

 make a blanket fort buy a couple nerf guns, you could get a few friends and hang with them, you could make a few ibles, you could go volunteer ( i had fun doing that you never know who you are going to meet), start a band, make movies with friends, write a book, and a bunch of other stuff i am sure you can think of granted i am 4 years older than you so my idea of fun is different than yours