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I have old wall heater in my 1956 house is there so thing clever I can do with it? Answered

I have old wall heater in my 1956 house. I don't want to rip it out. is there so thing clever I can do with it? A secret space, book shelf, storage? And how do I take it apart?  It looks like the image I loaded but I remember it having a central column. 

Suggestions, comments. can opener. 


Replace the 1956 parts with 2014 parts, and carry on using it as a heater; when you eventually sell your house, safely-working period features are excellent selling points.


4 years ago

What are its dimensions?

Gas or electric?

What height is it above the floor?


4 years ago

If it is electric, and I am guessing that it is, it may still be on. It may also be hooked up to 220 volts so you need to identify the circut it is on and disconnect it (pull the fuse of turn off the breaker) before you do anything. Of course the easiest thing you can do with it is use it as a heater if it still works. One caution though, it might have asbetous in it. It was in common use back then and heaters used it because it was fireproof.

Make a bookshelf, we never have enough bookshelves.