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I have some questions about "Zip Lock Bags" Answered

I'm very new to zip lock bags and pouches and just found them in my area.
I've read that they can be used to package cut vegetables, soup and eatables for long.

I want to ask, if I put any kind of food items in them, and do not refrigerate, can the food items stay fresh even for a month? What if I prepare rice and pack it in a zip lock bag? Would it be fresh and eat-able when I open the bag, say after a few weeks?

Can these bags also be used to heat food? Don't they catch fire?

Just some questions I couldn't get answers for.

Thanks to everyone who replies and also to everyone who doesn't :)




8 years ago

I intend to have some homemade MREs, thats what I wanted to make use of these. 

Lemonie is correct; unless the bag is made specifically for 'boiling", very hot water will soften it a lot.  Without this sterilization AND the need to remove the air from inside the bag (if you sterilize outside the bag), the food won't last long in the warm.

If you seal food in the bags and then sterilise them (i.e. boil them in water) you might expect food to last. Otherwise they're no better than any other form of plastic container. They're not good for heating though, I wouldn't think them stable much above 100 degrees (C)