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I have this circuit of a servocontroller using two 555 timer IC's. How can i make impressive modifications? Answered

http://hades.mech.northwestern.edu/wiki/index.php/555_Servo_Circuit this is the link to the circuit...It requires two 555 timer IC's...How can i make it more impressive looking?


What do you mean by more impressive looking? You could make it out of chuck norris...

very funny...what i meant was ..can i possibly connect some device at the output or the input which would look impressive....or cascade it with another circuit perhaps...

Understanding that servos work by pulse width modulation - and the 2 555's adjust speed and duty cycle on that circuit. The inputs would be potentiometers, which would relate to how far the servo moves. The output...you could put a picture of chuck norris's arm, so you have a servo karate chop. I still dont know what you mean by 'more impressive' :D

Haha..nice...see...this project is to be submitted to my university...where it will be scrutinized by the professors...they usually are impressed with a cascade of multiple circuits...or a few cool modifications...that's why i needed "impressive" modifications...but i doubt very much, that they would be impressed by Chuck norris...can u suggest something else, another circuit maybe...

I can't think how to modify this one to do anything 'cooler' than what it already does:

I particularly like Bowden's Hobby circuits. He has some cool free ideas