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I have this really weird bug and I cant figure out what it is.? Answered

Does anyone know what this is. It flaps its wings like a humming bird and its a bit bigger than a bee. It is also very fuzzy.

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DBMods (author)NachoMahma2010-08-12

I looked at your link and thats definitely what it was.

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lizzyastro (author)2010-08-12

I would reckon it is one of the hawk moth family. They come in a wide variety of colours and sizes. Without knowing more about where you are, and what sort of food plants there are for the caterpillars it is hard to be more specific.

It could be a humming bird hawk moth:

More on others here:


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DBMods (author)lizzyastro2010-08-12

I live in Illinois and we have a lot of corn and soy her

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