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I have three girls that I want to go out with, and they all want to go out with me. What do I do?!? Answered

I really can't decide!



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do not go out with any of them. Go out as a group, with friends, so you have an opportunity to interact with each girl and find out who is a better match. Do not invite all three girls as this would be funny but NOT NICE. Ask each girl to go with a group of kids to an activity where you have time to talk and enjoy each other's company. The fact that you "want" to date all three means that you are not ready for dating. They point of dating is to find a potential life partner. Some people see dating as a game or date to see what they can get out of it. This is not what a "nice" person does. A nice person is in a relationship for the benefit of BOTh parties. Until you are ready to find a life partner you should not be "dating". You should enjoy time with friends socially in a group setting. I know that not everyone will agree with my advice, so no need to explain why I am wrong. I am old enough to know better.

ok...first...with all due respect, mech engineer mike's post sounds like it came from the mouth of a drunken imbisil. second, i agree with kylara70 in that you may not be ready for "dating" yet, because, as she said, dating is for finding a life partner, not just hookups and parties. 

If you are still in highschool then nothing you do matters in the future so... 1. dont let the girls find out about each other. 2. buy a fat stack of condoms and use them all. 3. when all the fun is over and done, tell everyone what you did If you are out of highschool, good luck

You, my lucky friend, have a "String of Pearls". Go out with them in succession. Get a couple wingmen and take them line dancing. Get them in a game of Twister. There are lots of things to do. ~Bob~

Lo, what a terrible problem! ;) Which one is the one you are most comfortable with? Which one shares your interests the most (not which one kisses the best!) which one shares your value system? these are only a few of the questions that you need to ask your self. Or you could tell them all that you just want to date around, and if they agree, you could date them all. But if they don't...