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I have to leave the community. It's been fun and interesting. Nice hanging out with you all!Bye. Answered

To be plain, I just can't be a part of a site that promotes pornography, being defined "Pornography is any material depicting or describing the human body or sexual conduct in a way that arouses sexual feelings. It is distributed through many media, including magazines, books, television, movies, music, and the Internet." Many of you probably won't understand my reasoning, few understand that aren't Mormon (and even a few that are Mormon don't understand). But I have to. I can't express how crushing this is to me. I really love this site. It's been just great learning and chatting here. It's been fun sharing my little projects, too. Bye.


We are going to miss you!Bye.

Still, it's nice to know royalestel lived up to their belief and haven't been back since, at least not in this guise.

You know, I came to terms to the use of it. I mean, I listen to the radio and read the newspaper, heck I use the internet and they all publish things that I find personally offensive. So what happened is I was blindsided by the offensive things on instructables because I really hadn't come across anything until then. I had it in my mind that it was a "safe" site and I didn't need to worry about what I clicked on. I just figured out that I need to be careful on here just like any other site, and I'll be Okizzay.

Good to have you back. I understand your feelings. If I see anything genuinely pornographic on Instructables, I report it. If it's "borderline" I just ignore it, and steer clear of that area in the future. Sometime's it's a fine line to be "in the world, but not OF the world".

Agreed. Anything that detracts or distracts from the goals of this site are definitely not what the originators intended. I, too, make certain to report offensive content if and when I encounter it here. Incidentally, I think that it's been slowly decreasing, a trend refreshingly opposed to the rest of the 'net. I believe the admins on this site really do strive to make it family-safe.

Conference rocked!

Yeah,I know the date.However,he might be reading these in his email alerts.

I thought the site was against porn.

Different people have different definitions of what is personally, morally acceptable. Personally, nothing consensual offends me. But I have a friend who freaks out if he see people kissing, different strokes......

I for one admire anyone who can put their ethical/moral beliefs before their personal enjoyment. Can i just ask why you told us you were leaving instead of just leaving?

He's not going to answer you, so I'll do it for him (or try). If someone popular left, or well known, like royalestel, then people would be wondering where he went. It is just a courtesy. If kiteman just left, then people would be (censored) that he didn't explain why he left, or anything like that.

You lose. jk

People already make lists and crap like that. They're pointless, but if you feel like making one, go ahead.

If I wanted to make one I wouldn't of posted that. My idea is (was) If someone sees my post they would make one and put me at the top. But it didn't work

plus id win. if i disappeared, would people notice?

come on you guys, surly someone will notice if i disappear for a month.
i hope
runs sadly to oscar and hugs him to make himself feel better

Really? Would we? Or would we quietly contemplate in our minds and not type anything. Or we might just post about it just because it seems right.

Who's Oscar ? I've seen you in other forms but i don't think id notice if you disappeared Imagine the 911 call Operator: "Hello how may I Help you" Me:Umm theres this person on instructables and he hasn't posted in like a week. Operator: Stay Calm............. I'm not typing anymore so you have to think up the ending yourself, like in the sopranos I HATED WHEN THEY DID THAT!!!!!

I already said I would, but who am I really ?

...i would...maybe...if i was bored...and thought about it for a while...but ya

we'd say: Um, there is an empty chair over there......who's missing ? LOL

And also the chance of me being gunned down by the mob or getting squished by a cement truck are unlikely. But if I don't post for more than 2 weeks, I could be dead or hibernating. So Contact The Local Authorities But Sorry You Had To Leave Dude

If I disappear without any contact or reason within a month.....don't send flowers, but please send donations to the American Cancer Society. My Dad died of colon cancer in his 40's and I am riddled with (so far non-malignant) skin cancers... either that or a truck ran me over.

But I hope you don't die of cancer Goodhart. At least not until you post that first instructable. (oh, god that was heartless).

BTW: I have my ASL instructable almost ready. I have to take a few pictures, and do a video or two and it will be set (everything is written up, maybe I will polish it a bit first...I will see) Once published, once can still edit it can't they?

Yes, you can (I have incorporated other people's ideas and corrected mistakes they have made),

Aw man. I finally though I got the video in, after a good 2 hours upload on DSL, and when I play it back, the audio is off.....can anyone tell me what might have happened ? I have spent 3 days now trying to get this right *sigh*

Here is the video:

There is sound, but it's very quiet.

Yes but it is totally unsynchronized. It is almost 5 letter behind my signing......I don't understand what happened *sigh* and it took SOOOOOOO long to get that one made & uploaded too. *sigh*

Maybe I have to change some settings when recording ?

thanks. What is with Youtube (or is it me) I can't seem to load my first video up there. I didn't see it stated, but do they have a size limit ? (I tried to trim it down,but it is still about 49 mb . Or maybe because it is an AVI video ? It just sits and churns until my puter locks up.

At least you are making it worthwhile, and not rushing it like some people do. A good quality Goodhart instructable. So looking foward to it. It's a sign language instructable, right?

Well, it will have the quality a first time attempt can have. Experience still teaches the fine tuning the best. BTW: I mentioned this below, but do you have any idea if Youtube has a size limit on videos uploaded, or is it just my end? I tried 3 times, then made the video smaller, more compact and tried again, and still, it sits, churns, and then locks up. Any ideas?

No clue on the youtube thing. I'm not an internet video type of person. I just watch them.

Well, it won't be from Colon cancer. When I was 40, I got my first colonoscopy , and have had 3 more since. The first they found 3 benign polyps and removed them, and I have been clean since. The skin "cancer" has been, so far, benign....just troublesome as they remove them with a miniature arc welder device and I have to suffer with electric burns on my back for months afterwards.

My dad had his first melanoma removed when he was in his early twenties. The doctors said; "don't bother having a family, you won't see them grow up". They also said "don't bother paying into a pension, you'll never cash it in", which caused some problems. He turns 65 in April, has three grandchildren, and still hasn't decided whether to retire or not - there's an interesting job in the Far East he may take on.

Oh I know, I am not counting my poultry before they are hatched, but the frequency of my back and legs being sunburnt when I was very young is worrisome to me. I had enough cases of sun poisoning to make it so. Well, maybe not worrisome, but something to watch and make sure I am constantly aware of and take care of them immediately.

That's probably how my dad got kicked off (as a boy of 10 or so he worked on a farm, driving an open-topped tractor with no shirt on), but we have a family predisposition to them as well - my uncle (who did not work on the farm) was indirectly killed by a melanoma - it formed over a lymph gland, which spread cancerous cells through his body very quickly. In the end, it was his liver that was the final straw (something we found mildly ironic: a master brewer being killed by liver failure). So far, I have been very lucky - I have one suspect mole which so far only needs watching, not removing.

I am sorry about your uncle. It is funny, my Mom and Dad were both brown haired, and I and the rest of the "offspring" turned out with various shades of red, and of course, fair skin as well. I must use 60+ SPF Bull Frog protection when I go out, or I either sweat off the other sunblocks or they don't protect well enough. Bull Frog stays on until I use a heavy duty detergent to remove it :-) And seeing as I have no shielding up top anymore either, a cap is always necessary.

No need to be sorry, it was years ago (he was much older than my dad). I need to wear a hat as well, for SPF in the summer, and TOG in the winter.