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I have warts on my feet? Answered

Please helpp me i have 2 warts on my feet.... they dont hurt at all there just annoying and ugly

there is also several on my toes and they are spreading... the ones on my feet are just getting bigger


You can find at any drugstore a spray that freezes the warts and will remove them after a few treatments. Also duct tape has been used to effectively remove warts. It could be the chemicals in the glue or the fact that the duct tape cuts any air to the wart. A doctor can also remove warts at his or her office. Warts are caused by a virus, therefore take precautions by disinfecting any floors, shower stalls and bathtubs.

I heartily agree with the duct tape method. Cover the wart with tape and leave it for a week. After that, abrade the wart with a piece of pumice and change the tape daily. Warts-b-gone!

quick, amputate before they spread any further!

Not already suggested: concentrated nitric acid, dry-ice.



7 years ago

No doctor will ever tell you this: Duct tape. You could spend 100's of dollars paying to get a doctor to freeze your feet every week for a year, or you could wrap them in duct tape for a month. This starves them of oxygen, which they thrive on. My family has had many warts, and we got rid of them all in months using duct tape. Try it! They will turn white after a while, at which time you scrape them gently with a pumice stone (Sold at most drug stores). You will be rid of your warts very quickly and with no pain.

Warts are usually caused by a virus that is usually treatable with a shot or two. See a dermatologist and let him give you this painless treatment so you can get rid of them before they spread more.

There are plenty of simple treatments.

Clinical studies have shown that warts can be made to grow, and to stop growing, using hypnosis.

See a doctor.