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I hope they're paying to be members Answered

I hope Dremel are paying for their membership, because otherwise it's the most blatant spam I have seen here for a long time.


Im going to delete this one....

well, so far, ive learnt many diy tricks that i can use my cheap lidl bought imatation dremel for...

LOL - mine's from Woolies!

Woolies? :-) I shouldn't laugh though, in the southern states they have stores like the "Piggly-Wiggly" *sigh*

Er, I believe you know it as "Woolworths".

Oh ok....first time I have heard them called Woolies, unless I wasn't paying attention :-)

It's because you don't talk about high-street stores to many Brits.

I suppose so :-) I still can't get over our having a Piggly Wiggly though......I learned of it about 25 years ago and it still cracks me up :-)

It sounds like something a small boy would call the contents of his underwear...

. They used to be very common around where I live. Hardly see them any more.

Of course, my last visit to MS was over 20 years ago LOL

My last visit to Mississippi I saw one whereas I needed to get shaving cream and they were the nearest store around. :-)

. Hey! This is a family-oriented site, buddy. Watch your mouth ... or else. >:(

Some bizarre electricals store, we have two one which goes at completely unreasonable speeds and one that has more grunt than the cordless proper drill but still dremels stuff, it's handy for drilling small metal things since it won't stall easily, however I've already replaced the transformer with something higher rated, it still heats up and it goes through the bits like no tomorrow compared to the leaner one...

I wouldn't consider their videos spam, because they are actually showing how to do something.

I don't think that instructions about how to use a product are spam.

I love my dremel! But I hope the group dies.

Why ?? wouldn't it be better if they supported a contest and paid for some of the upkeep of instructables ??

. An INSTRUCTABLESTV bug appears in the bottom left corner when the vids start. Maybe it's something new from Ibles. . While the videos are very well produced, there's not much real info in them. . Did you notice that they cut the hole way too big for the floor vent? heehee

I did notice that...and then they just kind of dropped the vent in and walked away. We've had a few corporate accounts. This one, having the instructablestv message, is probably a partnership.

You know that's an idea, corporate accounts...

Hey, that's a cool idea - I'm glad I had it.

Ya and they could start up a few contests ((( People should hint at this on there orangeboard ))) Companies like Dremel could give away dremels and accessories, to other iblers who I know have some great uses for there tools..... And of course they would also be required to contribute to instructables bandwidth and upkeep requirements as well (( fair is fair ))

someone familiar with the tool answer me this....there isn't a "spinning blade" on that is there? I watch the one on removing grout and a floor tile and it appears to me only to vibrate (oscillate?) is this correct ?

Yep it vibrates, you can however get a tungsten carbide bit that works wonders at removing grout for use a in Rotary tool (( if you have a dremel they do have a custom holder which makes grout removal even easier )) but you can use the bit and a steady hand in any rotary tool (( or two hands if your a little shaky ))

it does oscillate I saw the infomercial for that tool lol

. As far as I can tell, yes. It seems to have considerably more power than the older oscillating tools.

The Dremel group is part of an advertising campaign and the videos are there to populate the group. The videos don't have complete info such as safety and just how that vent will stay in place, but they are simply to show the uses of the tool. If you want to see a full Instructable and have suggestions for them, then tell them. I'm sure they'd love to hear feedback.

FA. Ok I just bought a dremel (( and it's a Genuine Dremel )) then I opened the box and there was a book that was provided with it ... I will say this, They are more then capable of providing full information to give every one on this site a great instructable, complete with safety information, and they even showed the proper use of there tools producing properly finished results.. Dremel, Honestly if I watched that video of the floor vent install and I acted like a typical consumer, my thinking would be like this "thats the best a dremel tool can do?" I'd head to my local building supply store and ask if they have a better tool then a dremel.... (( and I know the guy there would love to sell me the Bosch router I've been eyeing up, but santas coming soon.... )) And honestly would you do that kinda work in your own home ?? and be happy with it ?? I could see a contractor doing shoddy work like that, but I think most people on instructable have some sense of pride in there work .... Here's a though to populate the group (( And FA you can forward this to Dremel )) Dremel could Give instructables some Dremel tools, and accessory packs, and run a contest where people have to use a rotary type tool, but please make it fair for those who don't own a genuine dremel but have a great idea, that would populate the group pretty fast, oh and for dremel, it's a advertising expense / hence 100% TAX Write off for the Robert Bosch company (( it will keep your share holders smiling )) and since instrucatables is in the top 400 most viewed websites on the internet it would be safe to assume you'd sell a few more tools especially with Santa coming to those of us who behaved all year long.....


9 years ago

Haha, maybe someone just really likes Dremels.

Ed (fungus) started the group.