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I just got a ring that is 3 sizes to big. What can I make so it fits at least one of my fingers without rolling around? Answered

I have a silver ring, but don't want to ruin it, and don't have money to get it sized.. So what could I make or use to have it fit my finger correctly without  it rolling around to much?



5 years ago

When I was young, it was popular to wrap ribbon or yarn around rings if they were too large. It was inexpensive, could be hand-washed if needed, and best of all was easily removed if it were a borrowed ring.

I have a ring that is slightly loose, and I just wear a tighter fitting one in front of it. (2 rings on the same finger) This stops it from slipping off.

Assuming the ring is fairly plain a jeweller will cut and rejoin the ring,

If it ha a complex pattern that will show the cut they put a loop inside the ring to take up some space.

If it is a heirloom product they may make a second ring to go inside the original to give the right size.

If you can't afford those options then the plastic tube is the best option.

like the options here



5 years ago

I've seen little bits of plastic tubing used for this. Basically cut a piece about half a finger width long and cut down the side. slide it over the ring so it sits on the inside of your hand. The hard part will be finding a piece of plastic that's just the right size. I'll bet you can buy these somewhere also.

Jewelry stores often sell "sizers" which are just adjustable bands that go on the inside of a ring that's too big to fit. Personally I think you could do the same thing with an inexpensive plastic ring (stick it to the inside with double sided tape); or just build up one side with some thin strips of cardboard until it fits better, and just tape the cardboard to the inside of the ring. If you keep the padded side to the inside of your hand, no one will really see it.

You could use little strips of duct tape wrapped around the ring.