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I just noticed... Answered

The How to Thank Instructables project is still getting the occasional comment.



...is still getting the occasional comment.

And will now get a ton more thanks to you, I swear anything you post literally ever constant Instructable user sees it.

why does your S look like a $? you want moniez? =P

It's on a stand... Have a look at the ible...

I did, I was just saying how it unintentionally looks like a Dollar sign.

Thanks for letting us know. I'll probably sleep better tonight.

I'm sorry; just because I don't post very often does not give you any sense of entitlement. Give me a break; Kiteman just likes to see himself talk.

You're right, it doesn't give him a sense of entitlement. That's entirely true. (Might I suggest Dictionary.com next time?)

We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site.

Also, this isnt his first time actually doing this. Hes hassled me a few months back, I flagged his butt off and I thought he actually left the site.

She would make a great modulator, oh wait....

Give a break, get a break. Otherwise, go away. And who exactly likes to hear himself talk?

If you actually bothered to read into it. Kiteman was pointing out that that particular I'ble was getting some attention. That particular I'ble was all about saying thank you in the most selfless way. Now, as I politely put it. Go away.

You're being too mean to him! Here's how I would have said it to him... "Leave forever"

What's the matter? Annoyed because I didn't comment on your one and only ible?

(Looks at jknight's profile comments. Confirms suspicions.)

And you seem to like posting comments that go: "(removed by author or community request)" L

Drugs can help with that, too.

I still get the occasional reply in my inbox.


8 years ago

Wierd... Most of the top-most comments are about "cake".

By the way, you really have to stop making titles like that, so suspenseful. I can't open up the forum quick enough.

That is kind of the point...

Well, I just about have an annurism everytime I see the title of one of your forums...

It's OK, so do I.

I thought he was banned from instructables the other day. D=

I will read it again :)