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I just replaced my hair dryer, what can I make out of the old one? Answered

I just replaced my hair dryer as it wasn't really doing the job, I had to take it apart before getting rid of it because that's the kind of person I am. I decided to send the casing off to get recycled, but I don't want to throw out the innards as they're still working, other than breaking it down for parts what can I do with it?



Best Answer 8 years ago

If you make the "SOLDERING FUME EXTRACTOR" idea... you only need the blower part. disconnect the heating element. Then attach the blower motor wires to a LIGHT-DIMMER from the hardware store. Now you can turn the fan down to a slower speed so it is not so NOISY... but it still extracts the solder smoke.


8 years ago

I'm liking the fume extractor idea as I was planning to make one for a while, but I just put the idea to the back of my mind. Thanks :)

Some ideas: Use the fan as a fume extractor for soldering/etching pcbs. Use the wire to cut Polystyrene and make things. Reuse the buttons / switches / temperature sensor it might have. Cheers, Gonzalo

That's actually a great idea gzaloprgm...made perfectly to fit an exhaust hose onto the end.