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I like a girl? Answered

Ok, I'll try to explain my situation - it's a difficult but here.
Since I was a kid I feared fights. I HATED fights. My father signed me up to a kickboxing class, and I liked it a lot. That's why being a ninja became my dream. I gathered resources and necessary knowledge, and I'm ready now. The problem is that I need to change my life completely - no more massive computing. No more fear from fights, or hurting myself when doing parkour. In other words, I'm adopting a whole new lifestyle and I'm having a very hard time doing it.

Now that I explained my state - there are two things that push me forward - the hope that I'll make it, and a girl. I liked a girl some months ago, but she broke my heart. I gave her all I have. Now, I fell in love with her best friend.

I want to tell her, but it's the summer vacation now. I don't have her phone. I asked her twice to hang out outside, but she was busy. So it's either I keep asking and tell her when we meet, or tell her over facebook.

I really want her. She will really help me with finding a better life patch.


think how well do u kno her friend i have had same situations and i would go and break up because my 1 impression was wrong

r u friends with the 1 girl if there are no feelings talk to her about her friend
be brave and fight 4 ur love
hope it helps

orkasecurity is right on. Turn it DOWN a notch. It is very commendable that you faced your fear of fighting... but then turned it up FULL BLAST and want to be a NINJA now !!! It is normal for youngsters to re-invent themselves but try to remain COOL. Move on to other friends and discover who you are before going full speed at dating. Resist the urge to be pushy. just be friendly , say hello. smile. if she's not interested... move on down the road.

I wish I could... I just want to at least meet her...

How do you know you love her if you haven't met her?

I do not see what fighting has to do with liking a girl but if she finds reasons not to go out with you maybe she is letting you know gently that she may not be interested in you. I hate to sound blunt but something that we all need to learn at some point is not to depend on other people to feel happy or to find a "better life patch", using your own words. If I were you I would be honest to her about my feelings face to face but if she is not interested move on to other things. Keep practicing your sport to stay in shape and to learn to defend yourself but instead of becoming a ninja, what about doing better in school?

Seems to me that you're building this up MUCH too far. You aren't in love, you're infatuated. (The difference is that infatuation is all about how _you_ feel and what _you_ want.) Infatuation doesn't last, and often is not reciprocated. Don't build your life plans around it. Coming on strong is very likely to drive her away even if she *was* interested. Calm down. Just try to get to know the gal as a friend and see whether anything develops. If it doesn't, then at least you might get a friendship out of the deal, and friendships are good things too.