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I like the new "slide-show " treatment of photos! Answered

Lira pointed out that there's a new sort-of-slideshow thing going on.

It's in forum topics and Instructables.

I like it.


Nice work! I was thinking the other day after publishing this -

That the pictures looked fairly crappy, and why could they not be done the same quality as a normal ible.


7 years ago


A creative way to address the grumbling of non-logged in visitors?

Or more likely an upgrade to the site - the traditional slideshows are now working this way as well.

True, true. Definitely puts both step-by-step and photos on equal footing.


Ha! Ha! I'm sure the person is "channeling" you. I loved it when I saw it and I love that you are soooooo witty and un-self concious. This is absolutely you.

I cannot get over this! I reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally love it!

(Tiny nitpick: I'd love it if the arrows would appear for any group of photos, instead of just groups of >7.)

Why? If the arrows are there but non-functional, they will be distracting (and potentially confusing). I like that the "left arrow" doesn't appear until after you start scrolling to the right, and similarly the right arrow disappears when you reach the end of the list. It's a feature, not a bug :-)

I'd like them to be there *and* functional! :D So that if you click them, they move to the next photo, like a slideshow that doesn't automatically play.

(Hm. I could have sworn that when I very first saw this, clicking the arrow not only scrolled the pictures, but also went to the next picture...which was awesome. :\)

Ah, that parenthesis explains things. Those arrows are only to navigate the list of thumbnails. I really like that the picture doesn't change until you specifically select the one you want. That part is the same as the old "thumbnail images" system, but now you have navigation instead of a big clump.

I guess it comes down to preference, and yours obviously won out with staff. :-) Looks like if I want that behavior, I'll have to write a script myself... :D

See I'd prefer to see something like FB's album script, which allows keyboard controls. Maybe not for topics and 'ibles but certainly slideshows.


7 years ago

It's great way of handling lots of pictures! I should know - I have instructables with dozens of pictures in a single step. Heh. I wonder though, how many people will look past the first seven pictures? Better make those the ones that count!

And with the number of images you attached, there's a very nice "extra" feature. If you click slowly on the arrows, the list of images scrolls one by one. If you double-click, it jumps all the way to the corresponding end.