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I live rural and have well water. How can I keep my whites bright white? Answered


Use Calgon to help with mineral deposits in your water.

Thanks for that tip. I've never heard that one. I should have stated that,yes,I've used bleach for years! Maybe one of these days we can update our washer. I did buy some 20 mule-team borax. I've read that is also good for hard water and stains. I have already removed a set-in stain with it. Thanks for ALL the replys!

Don't be stingy with your washing powder to ensure you do get all the body greases out of your clothing. Often it is the grease that picks up colour from other sources more easily than the fibres. Also hanging your whites outside in the sun is good for whitening.


+1 other comments are good but I like the fact that you pointed out the fact that hanging in the sun naturally bleaches fabric. Something most of us Moderns forget.

+2. Hanging in the sun does wonders, and the fresh air makes your clothes smell really nice.

Your only other choice is a water softener or chemicals for the laundry machine that "soften" the water.

These new "high efficiency " washers do not respond well to over soaping. My mother had this problem using soap like she did in her older machine. On the second service call the repair man finally told her the actual problem.

Good to know. But, since they didn't say what type of washer they had, it was worth suggesting.


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I used to wash my clothes of the back of a fishing boat in a bag tied to the stern. I later found out it got clean because the water is so highly oxygenated by the prop wash. I was clowning around with a photo of B.M. but then I got to thinking, how oxygenated is well water? Also, I'm not saying Oxi Clean will help...... would it?

You may also want to try a detergent that includes "brighteners". These are actually transparent dyes which glow blue under ultraviolet light. That can help to offset the yellowing that most white fabrics experience as they age, though of course it has no effect under incandescent light.

We have well water and have no problem keeping whites bright. What exactly is causing your problem? Have you tried using a little bleach?

You need to install a water softener to your plumbing. A water softener removes calcium, rust and other minerals of the hard water from your well.