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I lost my glasses in the ocean; help me choose a new pair! Answered

I lost my glasses kitesurfing in some enormous waves at Waddell Creek yesterday! I went through the complete spin-cycle: caught in a wave, spun so fast underwater I didn't know which way was up, almost run out of breath, lose glasses, etc... I forgot to write my email address on them, so if you find a pair of glasses somewhere along the Northern California coast let me know!

I've worn my glasses in the ocean for more than 6 years without incident; in fact, I lost so many pairs of contacts to the ocean, that I started favoring my glasses. Below you can see me just coming back to shore wearing my glasses -- on this particular day, I was so tired after 6 hours of kitesurfing that I couldn't get the food into my mouth properly.

I choose that pair by wandering into an optical store and demanding "1960's NASA engineer glasses." They were probably more "graphic designer" glasses, but cool nonetheless. Help me choose what I should get next! I'm partial to http://www.optical4less.com/ because they're super cheap and believe me when I tell them "my prescription really hasn't changed and I don't need another eye exam."


Because I'm sure everyone is concerned, I've now started to favor my daily contact lenses while kitesurfing because my new glasses don't fit underneath my helmet quite as comfortably as the old glasses.

I will never wear contacts. My eyes tear up so quick over nothing.

Like now, since I'm talking about my eyes..

I kind of think these in dark blue would look good on yah. Though they might not go well with the haircut. Hmm. . .

Granola (I think).

how about...i dunno contacts??

I know you're unable to read past the first line, so here: "in fact, I lost so many pairs of contacts to the ocean, that I started favoring my glasses" At the time, these were single-pair contacts, not daily disposables, so losing them was just as expensive as losing glasses.

Why don't you switch to daily contacts?

I have astigmatism, and now have dailies. Daily astigmatic lenses have only been the market for a limited time (in my prescription, maybe 2-3 years?), and so were not available when I started losing contacts in the ocean.

Sir, your reply was rather "sharp", they have a "be nice"policy here, please don't force me to flag you!

Wish my scrip didn't change, I'm headed for bifocals.

I'd suggest vintage Elvis Costello

Ever thought about getting the sports kind...with an elastic strap that goes around your head to keep them on?

Haha -- same thing happened to my dad... ...except its not nearly as good of a story... he was trying to wear his glasses kyaking... and he lost them before they got 5 yards off the coast...

At least you have a good excuse..."They fell off while I was kitesurfing" sounds waaay cooler than "They fell off my bathroom counter and I stepped on them."

It also sounds better then "some idiot stole them from the locker room" at the pool. :-)