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I may have fried my FlipHD camera with a 10V power adapter. Is it hopeless? Answered

I tried to power a FlipHD camera using a wall wart. Listed output was 3V, but on a meter, it turns out to be 10V. Camera doesn't work now.  Have I fried it, or is there a fuse or something that I can replace so I can fix it.

Why does a power adapter list itself as 3V but output 10V?  Is this a cruel joke?


You have most probably fried it. You might TRY opening it and taking a look for any obvious signs that the magic smoke has been released.

Wallwarts are notorious for being very, very bad powersupplies. They are made as cheaply as humanly possible and they often have very poor "regulation" - that means that they output a relatively high voltage when they are not being used for a their rated current. At their rated current they will put out the nameplate numbers.

It is in fact, a cruel joke....


Yep, I learned the lesson with a yard sale 5 volt wall wart. When I finally decided to test the wart's voltage, it was putting out nearly 60 volts. Now, before using, I test every one I get including brand new ones that come with a device.

orksecurity you have got to read this.
Unregulated wall warts aren't so unusual.



7 years ago

The one thing you might try doing is to take out the battery and wait a few minutes. Then put it back together and hope that it will reset itself. If its just messed up programing it might fix it but if its burnt out then there is not much hope.