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I need PIC16F84A schematic Help Answered

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I Found a old Project Online that i would like to tackle :)  members.dslextreme.com/users/ltruong/sleepyeyes.html

but sadly all the schematic's posted on his site have been lost,
I drew one But due to my very limited experience, I have doubts if mine is right,
I have some PIC16F84A 's left here in the shop, and would like to stick to his said design..

I would be most grateful in getting a schematic drawn up for his project.
So that i may build it and share my build with every one else..

Thanks for all the help in advance

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steveastrouk (author)2010-03-29

Thanks for the schematic. Unfortunately I can't read it ! PM me, and I'll send you a real email address you can post a copy too.


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steveastrouk (author)2010-03-28

What's it supposed to do ? Have you tried the Internet archive for some clues ?
Post YOUR schematic othewise, not being clairvoyant, I can't help.

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kyo-89 (author)steveastrouk2010-03-28

It is to allow the control of the flip up headlights on a car ( a 240sx ) were a button press equals one of five function's 
1. Headlights Up
2. Headlights Down
3. Sleepy Eyes
4. Blink left eye
5. Blink right eye

I am afraid his site was/is blocked from being archived as far as i can tell

Here is what I came up with. 

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kyo-89 (author)kyo-892010-03-29

Sorry, I forgot to press upload. But I added it to my question..


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