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I need VERY VERY SIMPLE instructions on how to build a cube-like wall unit? The finished height 6' and the width 8'. Answered



Okay, I look at this question and find myself with questions of my own. Are you talking about, as GjdJ3 appears to have assumed, duplicating a cubicle arrangement? Or, as my first thought was, are you looking for a wall display unit with very simple lines? If the latter, there are a few more questions. How deep does it need to be? What is its function? Is it going to be hanging on the wall, or resting on the ground? Does it need to be a single piece, or can it be built in sections? What are you wanting to make it out of? A little more detail here, and I'm sure someone here can help you out.


9 years ago

1. Buy 4 pieces of wall 6' high and 8' wide. 2. Attach to each other. 3. ????? 4. PROFIT

profit on question marks