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I need a 18 Ohm resistor Answered

Does any one have a 18 Ohm resistor that they could stick in an envelope and send to me because eighteen bucks is a little steep for A resistor. oh ,and radioshack doesn't carry them either :( ~Matt


Go to digikey.com They are a major supplier of electronic parts and they carry 18 ohm resistors in a wide veriety of wattages.

I really think by now the thread starter will have solved the problem ;)
Amasing how people find such old topcis and reply without realising it is a dead topic....


3 years ago

You can just tune a small trimpot to 18Ω, This also saves more space that combined resistors.

how do you mean $18 ? They normally cost like $0.01..

you could by a $4 25-ohm variable resistor from radioshack and tune it down

i wouldn't try it maybe a little too much current

Failing all else, you could rig up a close equivalent from a pair of 10 ohms in series, or a pair of 39 ohms in paralell. Or other combinations, of course, depending on what you have on hand --Purduecer

Now why didnt I think of that ? :) thank you very much I'll do that tonight ~Matt

At what wattage?

I got it out of a surround sound system so I'm not really sure (it was blown when I took it out )

Oh, can you measure how long it is?

three eights of an inch or one cm ~matt

I checked and I don't have one

I don't know what a 18 ohm resistor looks like but I might have one tell me what they look like and I will check.

I'm sorry it is a 19 ohm resistor (the one I am replacing is burned out so it is hard to read ) the colors are ( brown white black ) ~Matt

Oh and it looks somewhat like the picture I posted as the main picture.