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I need a 300 volt DC power supply? Answered

I have a capacitor bank I made, the problem is charging it with the camera circuit is mind numbingly slow. I need a 300-400 volt DC power supply I can make, or modify something else to put out that much. I have this big arse transformer, I figured maybe it could work to switch 120 ac to something dc, not sure where to start though. https://www.instructables.com/answers/What-can-I-do-with-this-transformer/

I have one of the little balls that have a flyback transformer, and have the electricity shooting out the middle that you can touch and mess around with (not sure what theya re called), I was wondering If I could canibalize that somehow.


Get a 110 to DC 12 inverter. Then get a 12 to 300 transformer. Those are like ants in Myanmar because we use 220.


6 years ago

So, C1=C2=C3 must be AC HV capacitors the bigger the value the faster
you charge your capacitor.

If you get too much voltage get rid of C3 and D3 making only a doubler.

Or if not enough voltage add a C4 and D4 making a Quadrupedal.

Be careful live longer work with on hand in your pocket, that way you only
burn the fingers of one hand off but live to regret :-)  .  .  .   A


Would that circuit be the same for 120 volts?

Also, what value capacitors.

Sure, that circuit triples the AC output use .1 to 1 uF or more 400 VAC caps.

It is from a sparker circuit see the pic.  .  .  .  .A


alright so to get 400 volts dc 120 would be pretty much perfect, thanks, I just need to get the AC caps now.

You know....... I sent this approach to you because your a member for
several years, come from Pluto and that you have a "big arse transformer"
you want to use.

Most people would get the 120:350 VAC transformer a variac and and rectify the output.

Again 4oo Volts can also try to kill you...... when you are tired


I would love to get a variac, but don't have the cash, and I'd have to order it online which would be a hassel, although I havent checked out local industrial electronics store lately, but this is nice to have as an option, and would be easier to put into a case for a gauss cannon or such.

Nope I would leave the Plasma ball alone - the current available is very low anyway.

So much in this depends on your circuit and the components you have used that I for one wouldn't advise doing anything with mains electricity or very drastic.

No matter what familiarity leads people to think, Electricity is really dangerous if your not totally sure what is happening. Evan a few 1/1000's of an amp will kill you at voltages as low as 30 or 40 volts if your in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Yes, I know, That's why I was hoping there was something I could tap into easily. I'm thinking maybe if I hook the camera charger to a wall adapter it might have the current to charge it faster than a battery, Haven't tried it yet.