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I need a cake pattern for a 3-D human skull cake Answered

I am getting married on halloween & would like to make a bleeding human skull cake. I have searched all over the Internet & can't find anything on how to make the 3-D skull. I all ready have the bleeding part worked out. If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Now is to find a friend who is a sculptor. Your best shot is to use sheet cakes, staked and carved. Use a plastic skull as a model. If you have a friend you can sculpt, or one who can bake, the can carve the cakes, cover with buttercream, cover with modeling chocolate them decorate. To find supplies search online or go to http://cooksdream.com/store/index.html

Seconded! You might find a cake pan in the shape of half a skull, but I doubt it - carving layered cakes is pretty de-facto.

I googled free bleeding heart cake recipes & came up with a few different ones but the one that I like is red razzberries and surgar blended until completely smooth

Would you mind telling us how you got the bleeding part, please? I have a church bazaar going on; I can do a Virgin Mary with blood coming from her eye! he he he!

What kind of food did you want to make the skull out of ? White chocolate ? Steve