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I need a cheap way to build a emp generator but more efective not just calculators? Answered



What do you mean by effective? If you looking to generate a large enough pulse to actually cause interference then you will be crossing some legal limits. It will also be a rather large and power hungry system.

not that big. but enough to like shut my neighbor radio off when he blairs it in the night

That's the very definition of interference, and also illegal. What about all the other electronics with in the radius? The best solution is a phone call or a short walk to their front door. If you use a civil solution you should get a civil response. If they refuse a quick call to the police (NOT 911, that's for emergencies only) or even just the threat of a call to the police (I repeat, NOT 911) will clear things up. Don't start with the police though, your neighbors are humans, just go talk to them.


Talk first then if it doesn't get resolved call the non-emergency police line and let them take care of it. If its loud enough to disturb you then it may be violating some local noise ordnance.