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I need a cheap, yummy casserole idea for Valentines day that doesn't require a lot of prep time. Answered



chicken or lamb casserole - can't go wrong. Beef casserole is dangerous - too much room for problems to occur. Just your basic, fry up a little garlic, sliced onions and ginger, add a tin of tomatoes and add the chopped up meat or chicken. Chicken will take 20 mins only, and lamb needs about an hour.


8 years ago

A tuna-mac casserole. 
Prepare one package of Kraft Mac and Cheese by the box instructions.  Drain one can of water packed tuna and stir the tuna into the Mac and cheese. 
Bake under the oven broiler until a nice crust forms around the edges.
Serve it up with some toasted garlic bread and chow down.
I practically lived on this when I was in college.

A nice full bodied red wine would go great with that.

Yep, or a bottle ice cold Lone Star.