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I need a circuit to control a windshield wiper pump. I need it to turn on by PIR Answered

Hello, I need a circuit that will turn on a 12v pump and then turn off after 1 sec. I would prefer to have a adjustable POT in between to control time on, but 1 sec should work.. I would like it controlled by a PIR if possible.. Thanks Danh


Sorry for my ignorance but how do you wire a 555 timer as a one shot. I am no good at designing I can put it all together just no design capabilities. Now the pir runs at 3.3 to 5v and I am guessing the out can power the relay with no problems. So I would just step down the voltage to the pir. Anyway you could put this into a basic circuit I can follow that easier. Thanks

Use a 555 timer and a relay. Wire the 555 as a one-shot, or monostable. Steve