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I need a high torque servo? Answered


The above link is my product
I am 1st year engineering student,
please help me
Thank you!


Your entire construction flawed.
Once the window opens th angle on the servo changes due to your arm tat is supposed to move it all.
The amount of torque required to move the frame from a corner with a lever like this is massive, I doubt you would be able to move it by hand.
Check how the spring mechanisms on your flyscreen door work and how much force they need to provide from that angle to move something as light as an aluminium frame.
You want a worm drive and proper arm to move your window.
If in doubt maybe even a window winder with a motor on it, but not a servo and wrongly mounted arm.

The window is less than 1kg of weight, that is why I tried with servo :(

The window might be light but Newtons law still applies.

You have a tiny angle of attack wicc needs a lot of angular movement to open the window.

A servo might work if you proper hinges with ball bearings inside but that would be overkill.
If you have enough space in the corner use a long threaded rod with a motor to drive the window.
Even a small stepper motor would be sufficient for that task.

Did you check where the arm moves without your servoe when open the window manually? ;)

You want to open a door (if that is what the video should show?!) with a servo that is designed to move tiny parts in model toys? A servo is not the correct tool. Use a sufficiently strong motor and a gear box.


3 years ago

It is all about the leverage. You do not need a torque motor to get lots of torque and force. Can you even open that door using your hand twisting the wood the way the serfvo would?


3 years ago

small servo motors obviously are not going to actuate a big door like that. You need a worm drive actuator of some sort. You are an engineering student, ask your prof. for guidance and tips.

What do you actually want to do ? It struck me from your video that you haven't even got the servo you have mounted well.

I checked after mounting(properly) it even, didn't worked.
Actually there is a wooden window that needs to be controlled using a servo.
I used Towerpro MG995 servo


"Didn't work"


Define load to be moved.

Define why you need a servo.

You link doesn't work.

Buy what you need. Can you use RC servos?

Anything else your going to need to research and go to a manufacturer of industrial servos or make your own.