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I need a manual transmission drive unit - that works like an egg beater or butter churn Answered

I design micro - and slightly bigger - biodiesel units. 

I want to mix the methoxide with a non-electric mixer.  Slow and steady is all that is needed.  
I have the idea of using a mixer that works like an egg beater or butter churn.  

The mixing container will be of 100-200 litre capacity with a closed lid to avoid chemical fumes.

Can anyone directly me to where I can source something like this? 
I have been to a couple of companies in the food processing industry - to no avail (yet) - as most equipment is electric.

I work from Centurion, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa  -  so local will be lekker (excellent) !!


Thank you! It is amazing that NOTHING works without electricity! I am onto the bakery equipment now.. also a solar & car windscreen wiper motor option, which currently appeals to me most..

What about a hand powered drill? It works just like an egg beater and has a chuck which a mixing paddle can be attached to. It should have fairly strong gears so you would be able to attach any type of drive system that you like.

Look for old bakery machines as well, there are old mixers with the mech you need. Maybe you could make it wind powered....

Get the electrical equivalent of what you need and remove the motor. Preferably a used or broken unit. This will give you the drive mechanism you want to get thing stirring. In place of the motor ad a bike sprocket so you can connect it via a chain to a stationary bike. Or just add a hand crank to it, but peddle power would probably be best.