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I need a music festival name, anyone have any ideas? Answered

I need to name a music festival, any ideas would be very helpful..

I like names like Soundwave, Big Day Out, Creamfields etc..

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stonio (author)2011-08-02
MJTH (author)2011-02-21

It will be held in Brisbane, QLD, Australia in late September!

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orksecurity (author)2011-02-13

Figure out what kind of music you're going to feature. Figure out where it's going to be located. Figure out what time of year it will run. Figure out what makes it different from other similar events. Build the name from some or all of those.

Examples from a several directions:

BEMF, the Boston Early Music Festival.

NEFFA, the New England Folk Festival. (Actually NEFFA is named after its parent organization -- the A stands for "Alliance".)

The Clearwater organization's Great Hudson River Revival, more commonly known as the Clearwater Revival (not to be confused with the band Creedance Clearwater Revival).

Burning Man isn't a music festival, but is an example of naming the event after something that makes it unique and that provides a strong visual image of what (and to some degree where) it is.

Boskone isn't a music festival, but combines the concepts of "Boston (C)onvention" with a science-fiction reference to describe itself as an SF convention.

ConCertino is a music convention rather than a festival, hence the emphasis of "con" in its name.

If you don't like this approach, just pick a name that amuses you and stick with it. The Nameless. Wigout. ("I'm going to wig out; want to join me?") Fred.

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Nostalgic Guy (author)2011-02-13
craftyv (author)2011-02-13
rickharris (author)2011-02-13

Voodoo Child, Barracuda, UHF, The Brotherhood, DJ Cake, Lopez, and Brainstorm/Mindstorm.
Wilhelm Schnotz Crazyshoe Williams
1. CHRISTIAN Garlick
3. JAVIER Garrette
4. KURT Sosnowski
5. MATHEW Cajigas
6. NELSON Keezer
7. MAX Westhoff
8. ALLAN Crowther
9. JESSIE Render
10. LANCE Barrientez
1. TYRONE Brogden
2. LANCE Tietjen
3. JESSIE Puig
4. TED Dewall
5. TED Saracino
6. HUGH Purington
7. MAX Agustin
8. GUY Vicario
9. JESSIE Leamon
10. LONNIE Towell
11. DARREN Mahnke
12. ALLAN Bartolini
13. LANCE Throneberry
14. CHRISTIAN Beckstead
15. JAMIE Greeno
16. MAX Lechner
17. CLAYTON Shive
18. DARREN Streiff
19. CODY Kennerson
20. LONNIE Bergren
21. KURT Renninger
22. JESSIE Mijares
23. JAVIER Nell
24. TYRONE Ownbey
25. MAX Sobotka
26. JAMIE Palos
27. CHRISTIAN Jetton
28. LONNIE Weisgerber
29. HUGH Bobadilla
30. LANCE Meurer

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