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I need a schematic for a circuit that flashes two LEDS (or more) but while they flash they strobe? Answered

I'd like them to flash kinda like the lights on a school bus.

Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHd6ridi_dw&feature=related


Take two 555 circuits, Make one pulse at twice the rate of the flash you want.

Push that through a J-K flip-flop, take the Q output to a NAND gate, take the /Q to another NAND. Tie the J and K pins, take the clk input to the 555 out.

Make your other 555 circuit flash at the rate of your strobe.

Take your LED drives off the outputs of the NAND.


strobe for lights - Schematic.png

Can you make that picture bigger i cant see any of the text

i mean yeah i click it and its readable but when i save the file to my computer its very small

So use the PDF

Instructables Robots are very bad at scaling images logically.,