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I need a screensaver to open with voice commands? ? Answered

Use this link.


Starting, or shutting down, a screensaver is a standard operation in most windowing systems. All you need is for your voice recognition system to issue the appropriate system call.


you can also execute the .scr file and it *should* run like an exe...you will need to flag the file as safe or windows will poop the bed each time it executes.

It does work when I double click it, but it won't work if i try using a batch file. 

rename the .scr to .exe - might work...

What's the point? Screens these days don't need saving, you maybe want something else like a machine lock?


And if you're concerned about the screen, the best screensavers are (1) the power-saving mode, or (b) the power switch.

I agree. But some folks want the computer to be an artwork when not in use, and while I haven't seen many that are particularly artistic I can't really argue with the concept. De gustibus.