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I need a skin-safe body paint that cracks. Any ideas? Answered

I have an idea for a cool makeup effect (for Halloween, movie, etc.) but I can't find out what exactly I need.  I need some kind of body paint that tends to crack (not fall off, just crack), that I can pain on my face and move around to crack it up a bit.  I haven't a clue what kind of paint that would be.  Any ideas?  Thank you for any help!


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Can you fix that link (assuming this isn't spam)? Everyone is assuming this is spam because of the link.

Let's just give the benefit of the doubt: I would try applying a normal face paint extra thick and then when it gets to that point that is just beginning to set, where it doesn't rub off but isn't quite dry, move the skin around and try to open cracks. You might also try this with something cakier, closer to a makeup than a paint.
Alternatively you could try putting strips of wax paper on edge into the paint and then remove them when it dries. Once they're out movement will likely cause cracks to propagate.

It's not spam, sorry D: I'll try your suggestions, bwrussell.