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I need a wheelchair ramp for truck? Answered

I am disabled and have an electric wheelchair and I need a ramp to get in and out of the back of my truck. I can walk very short distances and then I need the chair. I just got the chair donated but I fisacaly cannot build one myself so any help?


Last year I have install a wheelchair ramp in my van, it is really very comfortable to me , i can easily get in and out of the van. This is very helpful for me.
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Is it a pickup or an SUV/van? I'm not sure how to get a chair (even a motorized one) up onto a pickup bed without you having to then climb down out of it. If it's a low floor van, a perforated aluminum plate or 1" plywood board, five feet long and double hinged (in the middle and bolted in the van doorway), should be sufficient. An electric chair can't handle much more than a 1:12 or 1:10 slope.