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I need an art/craft project for a class to make to be auctioned off.? Answered



Here's a collaborative art project several people can work on at once - https://www.instructables.com/id/Kids-Polystyrene-Wall-Art/

Tip: If you use florist's ribbon or VCR tape instead of yard then it will be weatherproof and might have greater appear to auction bidders - it could also be displayed outdoors prior to your event.

Good luck!

My EC students have been making crafts for years now to sell- We did do one craft we auctioned. We took old chairs (the school system was throwing out-due to cracks in the seat, poor stability, etc.) and cut a whole in the seat to fit a planter. I sugget a planter with a wide lip (this gives room for error when cutting). We painted some of them (splash designs. bubbles, etc.) and left some natural. We selected at least 3 plants per pot (I used plants I already had made cuttings from). We averaged $10-$12 per chair. the only cost-the pot and potting soil-not to shabby! We also did one with a chair/desk combo-with 2 plants-but be careful you don;t have to cut through wood.

just a thought that rang in my head.. i remember seeing on tv about how da vinci painted over his own work.. if you got the skill, somehow create a complex optical illusion but work around holes in the canvas, then further implement the illusion on another board of canvas behind it.. between the illusion and depth perception. i think that would be very attractive. yet hard to pull off.. good luck.

Quick questions that might help: What age of class? What materials do you have available? How long do you have to make it?