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I need craft ideas for how to re-cycle about 20-30 rolls of wallpaper, Many crafts would not work since glue-back. . Answered

You need to submerse in water to activate glue on back. . Got them at a flea mall for $1.00 per roll and some are beautiful.? 


another idea for your wallpaper is to cover large or small boxes (like shoe boxes, gift boxes, etc) wth the wallpaper.  it will make these boxes more sturdy and you can sell them as photo boxes or pre-wrapped gift boxes.  I used shelf paper to cover boxes that we get at work containing the photo copy/printer paper, [but wallpaper (especially the vinyl kind) would be a good idea too].  It made them extra sturdy and dampness resistant (for storage uses in a basement).  Good luck with your project.

Bookcovers for small books, or steno pads is a great idea.  I was going to make some from fabric and decorate to fundraise to help local pet rescues but this is goog.Thank you

For the nice-looking ones, use to cover decorative boxes or canisters, make a background/mat for photos or artwork, use scraps in collages or cutwork pieces, rehab an old footlocker or steamer trunk, decorate Mardi Gras masks.
For the less-nice looking ones, grind them up in a blender with some water and make pre-glued papier mache.

They are probably too plasticy to put in a blender but the other ideas are interesting.  I am a quilter and have some smaller pieces and they might make nice display backgrounds.  Will keep ideas in mind. Thanks.

You bought them because they were cheap and looked nice, but now you don't really know why?
They're probably best used papering something. How about an ugly wall on a street?


Thanks for replying and I could paper some walls but they are all different in design and color.  And there are a lot of rolls.  Really don't have a lot of time right now so will think about finding an ugly wall on a street. I amy try topaper over some dark paneling walls in an office in the basement. Tanx.

If the paper has individual elements on it (flowers, ducks, whatever) you could cut them out and affix them to things separately...

Use them for Christmas (or whatever holiday you have) or birthday wrap.

Good Idea. I don't give a lot of gifts since it's mostly me and Mama.  I was hoping someone would have a snazzy idea for something I could make and sell to get money to donate to our local Spay-Neuter clinic.  While it is good, strong paper, the adhesive on the back presents some challenges.  It could get sticky where you don't want it to.  Maybe if I could cut a big piece of cardboard, or two, and put quilt batting inside or cut up an old blanket, and it could be a window insulator.  Or a kid's desk. Or a wipeable pet dish mat.  I better keep the thinking cap on. Thanks for your idea and reply!