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I need doors that are 97 inches high to go from ceiling to floor for a bypass system. What could I do in place of doors? Answered

I'm installing a 144 inch hanging  bypass door track to act as a barrier between two rooms.  I need doors that are 97 inches high to go from ceiling to floor.  What could I do in place of doors?  The idea is to hang four 36 inch panels/doors so the rooms could be separate, or have a large opening between them.   I was thinking of making doors, maybe gluing veneer on polystyrene sheets.  These would be light and durable, but I'm not convinced they wouldn't be hideous.  Maybe us laminate flooring on the polystyrene?  Any ideas?


Thanks everyone, I no longer need them as long term plans fell through... as it stands I don't know where I would have gone... but I was leaning towards the Styrofoam and veneer option.  Although I had toyed with the idea of using self adhesive floor tiles to give a funky look.  I've been thinking of using them on a wall too.

 japanese style panels or maybes a glass wall door thing

You can get luan plywood in 96" x 48" sheets very easily. Luan takes stain and paint very well, and would look very nice when finished. It's also much sturdier than veneer, so you could skip the foam entirely. Use an edge frame like Burf suggests (although I'd go with 2 x 2 to reduce weight), then skin with luan on both sides and decorate as you see fit.
Since the luan comes an inch shorter than your opening, you can leave a gap at the top, which would still preserve privacy. Alternately, you could make your frame at 97" and install a decorative molding to cover the excess, or use a flexible sweep at the bottom, or whatever else you think would look good.

Like burf, but you could probably get a 8'x6' sheets of thin plywood.



8 years ago

Actually, there is nothing wrong with your idea. Its basically the same way a hollow core door is made, except you're replacing the inner cardboard honeycomb with a foam panel.
The only question I would have is the availability of 97" long veneers.

I have made a quick sketch of the way to construct the door.
The brown and red are 2x4 for the frame, the dark blue is a backer block for optional door hardware and the light blue is the foam panel. Then overlay each side with the veneer.


Japanese-style paper screens? I believe sliding ones were traditionally used as doors, though you could also do freestanding screens and not bother with the track.