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I need electronic ideas for school Answered

For school I need to come up with a project that I need to make in electronics for my Independent study engineering technology class (you should see the abrieviation!). To my understanding I just get to make stuff in that class under my own free will. So I need cool ideas to make during the school year!


something classy, that attracks attention....... how bout something loud......... solid state siren.... or showy, vdg generator or cwvm?

Personally I'd take the class to play with some crazy ideas or experimental projects. A nice audio amp or MP3 player could make the rest of the year much more enjoyable, maybe build a TV lol... A couple of robotics projects wouldn't go amiss if you have the time to tinker with them... How about a scanning toaster, think one heating element either side and a scanning mech etc. that project would be cool and yield the perfect toast each time, always even and you could use the machine to slice cheese and lightly cook it to put on the toast...

haha, love allow the toast and cheese stuff. Yeah... Maybe a robot How about an led cube?

Look below, think charlieplexing, transistors relays, toast imaging, it would also work on lots of other things that change when heated... like hot pockets...

well, I'll see what they provide I'm actually really considering an arduio robot, basically an arduino in a different form The toast is a great idea, but not for me.

Hmm there's a lot of stuff a simple microcontroller leaves you open to doing, if you made yourself a set of projects with a removable board for the controller you could have a hotswap brain... Some other interesting things could be simple, one thing that actually becomes quite an interesting project at real levels is making a set of traffic lights for a junction that work... We had to do that as an assigned project in technology, at first it's just a crossing then you have to have a few junctions and stuff that all work well and in some form of synch. I got lucky in the way I set mine, meaning I just to add a few wait lines... Though that wouldn't be very fun for an end result maybe some kind of processing robot, something that automates and annoying task to make it simple... - CD changer for single disc players (bit defunct but a good feat) - A mechanical coffee maker, that makes it like a person, wildly inefficient and complicated but fantastical in design, granted I've never seen one that did as told. - A robot that puts down laminate flooring, you'd probably get rich for that... - A robot that writes whatever you do in giant letters, using one of those pens...

How about a printing toaster??

A row of short elements, independently-controlled, scan across the toast an print in a pixellated image (sort of a very slow POV device), then scan back once with all the elements on to warm the toast through before serving.

Now that sounds like a plan... Maybe use a set of little coiled up elements, even just have a whole block of them, independently controlled and mirrored, rather than scanning have a sort of 8-bit image, the circles would be pretty good looking aswell, then have a full heat for a nice finish, the POV style one could work but it would be very very slow and might not be as effective... he interesting thing is that it would only be a case of modifying one of the many projects using a set of Leds to create and image that way, transistors to relays to run the coils, plus it'd be faster and less likely to dry the middle of the toast and ruining it's flavour and texture...

robotic bug zappers.... :-)