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I need help!! Trying to draw a clockwork powered Golden Snitch!! Answered

Ok, here's what I'm trying to accomplish. I want to draw a line drawing sketch of a Golden Snitch from Harry Potter with the clockwork mechanisms superimposed inside the sphere. The Snitch itself is easy enough to draw (a circle with a pair of delicate wings) but the clockwork mechanisms to power the thing are tough to do. The end result should, hopefully, look like an old "da Vinci-esque" drawing that was found in an old book. The aging of the paper is easy enough to figure out.

So this is my question. Does anyone know where I can find a line drawing of a windup mechanism that I could easily draw in a scaled down version to fit within the walnut-sized Snitch body?


If you want some help with that, I do graphics for a living, and it wouldn't take me hardly any time to do.... so either PM me the details, or drop me your contact info in a PM if you want the help... (no charge) ;-)

Try and resend if you can... I think it tripped the filters.. (including my PM to you). *sigh*

Search images for windup mechanism, clockwork, clockwork line drawing?

I've done that but nothing that I could use. Most of the time, I keep getting references to Clockwork Orange. Other times, the results are so complicated that it would take me years to draw.