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I need help fixing my Xbox 360 headset, is there anyone who can help me? Answered

Ok, my Xbox 360 headset is not working correctly. I was using it alot, but when my bro used it, something happened, it didn't have sound coming from the earpiece. I could still talk. But the metal thing that plugged into my controller seemed as if it wasn't making a good connection, so when i wiggled it sounds came from the earpiece, I wiggled it more and I could hear again, a few weeks later it wouldn't make any sound at all. This has happened to many of my Xbox 360 headsets.


ailenware makes a great headset. mine cost 20 bucks and it has lasted 4 years foe me. and also dont let your brother get a hold of it any more.


6 years ago

Mine did the same thing but everyone could hear me but I couldn't hear them so what I did was cut the headset jack open and first of all look at the color and where they're connected and cut them unsolder them then cut new tips and solder then back right now I have sound and mic

You could always try to disassemble the headset, i'm sure its nothing a little solder and electrical tape can't fix. But if that doesn't work, then buy a pair of turtle beaches. They'll almost never break on you, I've had my px21 for almost 3 years!
This seems to be the most popular budget model.


Hope this helps!