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I need help switching power back and forth between 2 120v solinoids that are attached to air valve for a flailing prop Answered

I need to fire one side of the valve and than the other side quickly for 15 seconds or so Im lost on this one. I have a modified motion sensor to trigger it and a flex timer for the duration of it , but getting it to cycle is an issue. Thanks for the help


Hi the motion sensor is a replacement Brinks sensor that has been modified to isolate the relay the # on the box 7295b the timer is a hauntmaster flex ect , the sensor and timer work great together I need to figure out how to hook up the solenoids to this to deliver air to my cylinder . thanks

Hmmm...I think that your trying to setup a system that when activated (via motion sensor) will alternate switching power to the two solenoids for ~15s to create a "flailing" action. If this is the case, the flex timer alone is not sufficient to accomplish your goal. You will need 1 more timer circuit and an additional relay to get this this going properly. I would happy to draw up a quick schematic to illustrate how things should be connected using these additional components if you'd like.

I would be in your debt... thats exactly what I am trying to do ... thanks so much I have a million things I want to do this year . easier said than done sometimes. Russ

I drew up something quick this morning that should show you how things need to be wired. As always please ensure that you take every possible safety precaution when working with AC power. Good Luck.

I'd like to point out that ace hardware and wallmart both sell light flashers for a couple of bucks, you could replace the second flex timer with one and probably save some cash, wires up to the relay just the same except that A1would connect to ac neutral on the output side of the flasher. Or look in to an automotive turn signal flasher relay, but then you'd need to ad a 12v source to the circuit.

What is the make/model of the motion sensor and flex timer?