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I need help with a robot I am building.? Answered

What I need help with is how to make a program. I made a robot that goes through my laptop to control it. Then I got a program on my android to use the internet through it. so my robot is totally wireless. What I need help with is making a program or finding one. What it needs to do is go from my home computers wifi to my phone and control the computer on board which controls the robot. I also need a program to control the robot. I am asking for help because I am in the military and only have 16 days leave to work on it every year please help.



6 years ago

Maybe we would be able to help you better if you let us know what you actually want the robot to do. Group knowledge here may drive you to better, cheaper alternates.
Also it helps us understand better.

"Make a program" implies you have a computer to run it on. Does your robot have Wifi ?


My robot has a computer that has a phone connected to it the phone has 3g internet coming in and I would like a way to get through that to control it.

Are you aiming for just telepresence or some autonomy ?

We need a lot more detail about what you already have please.

What is running your robot? Is it Arduino, something else? Why not skip the middle man and have the phone directly control the robot?

I put the computer in because I wanted it to be able to do complex things.

I thought you meant you were sending commands from the phone, to your home computer, through your wifi, to your robot. I see from your comment to Steve that that is probably not the case.

Personally I would ditch the onboard computer and phone and switch to a microcontroller, like Arduino, with wifi or bluetooth. Or even just add bluetooth to the robot's computer and your home computer. Bluetooth dongles are a few bucks each.

What sort of complex things do you want to do? Do you know any programming languages?

Is the phone only there to share it's 3G? If so you are going to have to find a program that interfaces through the internet, not just through wifi.