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I need help with an electrical schematic Answered

I'm working on a project where you press a normally open button that lights an amber light (represents Master), this button then lights other buttons that are lit green (represents Slave). The accompanying schematic should be fairly clear and also repeats this question. What I want to have happen is when you press one Master, the corresponding Slaves light. Release it and the board goes dark. Then if you press one of the other buttons in the Slave category, it becomes the new Master and lights up other corresponding buttons. I'm sorry if it's confusing. The project is a flow chart of sub-subsystems that when completed link to a larger tab, then that tab links to another set of subsystems finally culminating to a final result.



5 years ago

Oh boy, you weren't joking about it being a complicated question. To be honest I'm not sure if I quite understand what you are wanting to do. Have a look at this drawing, is this what you would like to accomplish?

If so, what type of lights to plan to use, LEDs? What kind of supply voltage are you working with?

Sytstem Light Panel 1.jpg

Yeah, the image you supplied is what I'm trying to do. I was going to use LEDs. Voltage would most likely be 12VDC coming off a wall wart with corresponding transformer. Wiring would be a nightmare since each subsystem would be tied into each of the other subsystems (think rat's nest). I've since decided that a computer program would be best for powering and controlling the lights. I have a pdf schematic of what I'm attempting but the instructables system won't let me upload it.

I think your right about using a computer or microcontroller instead of diodes, you'll save yourself a massive headache with the wiring.

I got carried away with that. The power source comes in at the left hand N.O. push button.

Well the first problem I can see is you have no source everything goes to ground.