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I need help with the 'Neon' lamp wiring Answered

I love the 'Neon' lamp, but need help to wire it with a 3 conductor cable. Can someone do a diagram for a novice, or refer me to written instructions that will show me how? Thanks! grannygoodknit


Which "Neon lamp"? L

It's the floor lamp in the instructable "Neon Lamp" which is 3 florescent tube lamps put together as a floor lamp. One of the comments I have seen said use a 3 conducter cable which means re-wiring them, but I don't know how this is done or what switches etc are necessary.

You mean this one, (which they've renamed).
The fluorescent units will have two electrical connections for power, most likely in the form of a terminal block. They'll probably have a 3rd earth/ground connection to the case. I'll attach a diagram.



Usually if it is one of the small neon lamps, you only need a strike resistor in series to light it. What is the voltage that you are using? 110v or 220v?

It's 110, and this is really florescent lamps as seen in the instructable called a "neon lamp" 3 units put together as a floor lamp.